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Clean* Simple* Elegant

An image leaves a lasting impression in your
mind. Think of a time when you may have felt
like an uninvited guest in someone’s home.

Lack of comfortable seating, inappropriate lighting,
clutter, cleanliness and even texture can play a
role in what you think/feel about a space. We
make decisions on our emotions. A good host will
go to great lengths to make sure that their home
feels like your home.

Essentials of Home Styling

Working Together as a Team Creates Money
The 3 P's




PRODUCTIVE- Staging in home leads to faster sales.  Clients stand out from competition.


PROFITS- Homes that use home styling increase in dollar value


PROFESSIONAL- Styling creates a smooth transition for the agent and the seller.  It allows clients to relate to a home and builds trust

Sign Language

Entrance to Your Sale -  Start a Styling Dialog

Styling can be carried into each room in a house for a reasonable price. Customized homes that are properly designed create an experience for clients. Positive energy infuses a home with a warm and inviting quality.

Clients can envision themselves in a well staged home. Curb appeal can be the difference between SELL and SOLD. Checking the box on "must have" lists is important. A good stage can weigh the balance on the side of the seller.

Deal Breakers

Bad decisions can sabotage a sale You may be apprehensive to spend on deal breakers but it is critical for the sale of a property.


 - Clutter and obstacles need to be removed
- Personalized Items hide unwanted visuals such as   memorabilia, unnecessary items.

- Trip hazards, obvious flaws and unfinished projects


- Gaudy paint colours, décor, poor lighting,
   door handles, broken items


Styling Concerns

Increase the return on investment. Staging can be provided by Designs by Danielle who will work within an ideal client budget.

A complete stranger invading your personal space, helping to arrange and organize personal belongings can be a great way to give a fresh new feeling to a home. A professional set of eyes from an agent and staging team will attract more buyers. The goal is to sell for top dollar


Combine elegant design styling and real estate selling to add value.

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