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Design Management Services


A home renovation is an opportunity to make your vision come true, and to design your home to fit your needs. It is well worth the investment, although a daunting task. ​There comes a point in a house where it needs to be upgraded and refreshed.  Comfort, flow, and functionality help to improve market value.  Working directly with contractors and builders to help design a concept, order the fixtures, plan the layout, and complete the vision of the project.  Everything is taken care of.  

  • Project management

  • Space analysis, planning and furniture layout

  • Kitchen and bath design

  • Custom window and wall treatments

  • Lighting plans and fixture selection

  • Paint, finishes, fabric, carpet and flooring selection

  • Art selection

  • And more...


Style, comfort and function are 3 key elements to look for in furniture.  Whether it be store-bought or custom, each piece of furniture is carefully selected. Learning about your needs and routines helps to make the space be functional and sophisticated, while stylistically representing who you really are.  With extensive access to resources and a full range of quality design options from traditional to contemporary, there is something to offer for every scope of project. 

Space Planning

Space Planning is one of the most important aspects of interior design. How a house works is very important.  Whether you are updating a room, adding a room, or building a whole house.  Flow, function, and form all contribute to a calming space. Measurements are obtained to create a floor plan with furniture placement, to get a full visual.​

Here are some questions taken into consideration;

  • What are the functions of this room?

  • Do you need to create a focal point?

  • How many people will be using the space?

All these questions can be answered with a visit to your home, followed by an evaluation. Lets maximize the space in your home.   


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